I’m Ruth and he’s Dele.


Here are our cats Oscar, and Ella.




Together we are Roscella Dee,  and we’ve been documenting the marriages of beautiful couples ever since we had the pleasure of shooting our best friends' wedding.

We have been in love with film & photography for over a decade now, capturing the nuances of life's fleeting moments to help illustrate the story of our lives. We didn't quite grasp how powerful that could be until we documented one of the most important chapters in their lives & witnessed the joy it gave them, their families and also ourselves.

Shortly after they were married, they had a beautiful baby girl named Ayla and we ended up thinking how wonderful it'll be when she's older to see her parents on their wedding day - how they looked, how they danced and smiled when they were younger.


We realised just how special that gift was - not only for us, but for the children that follow.


It’s our honour to share the start of your new life - let's write that chapter together!